Through CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing) CEREC of Sirona Dental Systems, Dr. Retana can make all the teeth in our private laboratory, using ceramic blocks of Vita Ceramics. These blocks have proved their effectiveness in millions of clinical cases, and have a behavior similar to natural tooth enamel, plus they can be etched excellently and polished with great ease.

The CAD / CAM CEREC of Sirona Dental Systems is the most widely used software in the United States and around the world for the development of teeth, using a modern machine. It will automatically carve the ceramic block in any way necessary, allowing us to work faster and better.

This system provides on-site solutions from the digital mold up to the process of carving the internal dental piece, which allows Dr. Retana to create accurate teeth. Through a patented scientific method, this system allows for the first time to create dental restorations molded to the individual nature of each patient and, in turn, amenable to measurement.

In this way, and thanks also to the type of ceramic blocks used, we can ensure that the implants done by Dr. Retana will be very natural, and tailored to the color and shape wanted. In fact, the translucency of the ceramic blocks used, allows us to seamlessly integrate the restorations made with the remaining teeth, while the color of the pieces can be individually prepared.